Publisher’s Position: There Are Plenty of Puppets To Go Around

By Steve Hunley A hit dog always howls. The recent appointment of John Fugate to the Knox County Board of Education caused some howling from a few County Commissioners, most notably Sam McKenzie and Amy Broyles. Broyles was backing Rick Staples, a failed candidate in the recent City Council elections and a known Democrat. The […]

Publisher’s Position: Shadowy? Not Hardly.

By Steve Hunley Like most people, I love to laugh. Recently, I got one of the better laughs I can remember when a friend of mine forwarded Joe Sullivan’s column in Metro Pulse to me. Mr. Sullivan wrote a column about the school system and class struggle or some such. Sullivan makes a reference to […]

Publisher’s Position: Call 911! Board Calls School Emergency

By Steve Hunley For those who doubted anything published in The Focus about the Knox County Board of Education and Superintendent Jim McIntyre, the meeting last week should have addressed those concerns.  The Board, in its most naked display of power politics since McIntyre forced a vote on the extension of his employment contract, violated […]

Publisher’s Position: The Superintendent of Oz

By Steve Hunley “There’s some extraordinary learning going on out there!” That has been a constant cry from Knox County superintendent of schools James McIntyre during his tenure in office.  Last week some 12 superintendents issued a press release they would be meeting at Pellissippi State, yet the meeting was abruptly cancelled just a couple […]

Publisher’s Position: McIntyre and the Politics of Schools

By Steve Hunley The Knox County Board of Education last week dealt Superintendent Jim McIntyre his first solid rebuff when it refused to approve his firing of a Knox County high school teacher. An impartial mediator in the case did not find the allegations worthy of the teacher being fired. The mediator recommended the teacher […]

Publisher’s Position: Board Trying to Stifle Free Speech

Publisher’s Position: Board Trying to Stifle Free Speech

By Steve Hunley For any person who values free speech, recent actions by the Knox County Board of Education are cause for deep concern. Superintendent Jim McIntyre is always braying about “great conversations” and “wonderful dialogues,” but that is for public consumption; the reality is quite different. Board member Karen Carson apparently had an epiphany […]

Publisher’s Position: Sales Tax Grab Stinks

Publisher’s Position: Sales Tax Grab Stinks

Don’t Let Your Community Get ‘Pond Gapped’ By Steve Hunley Knox County Board of Education member Doug Harris is busy making the rounds promoting the idea of increasing the local sales tax. Making an appearance on the Hallerin Hill radio show, Harris says a half penny increase in the local sales tax will generate $30 […]

Publisher’s Position: Backward Budgeting

Publisher’s Position: Backward Budgeting

By Steve Hunley The hallmark of Superintendent of Schools Jim McIntyre’s administration seems to be grand and glorious phraseology along with regular requests to jack up taxes. The superintendent is beginning to sound like a broken record. McIntyre really seems to believe there’s some chance the County Commission will provide extra money to give teachers […]

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