Worth a Dern

By Dr. Jim Ferguson   You have to be careful what you say around children. Their minds are like sponges, absorbing the world around them, even though at times it may seem difficult to get their attention. The other day I was trying to get Oakley’s attention and after several attempts he said, “Wait a […]

Baby Boot Camp

By Dr. Jim Ferguson My life is certainly different than when I managed a large medical practice and was responsible for thousands of patients. I no longer take care of the herd, just sixty or so thoroughbreds in my concierge medical practice. I do stay busy and sometimes wonder how I got anything else done […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   I love rainy spring days, and still whisper the childhood rhyme, “April showers bring May flowers.” Of course if you’re having a picnic or a garden wedding you’d wish for a sunny day, but without rain and water, life as we understand it could not exist. So, I’m glad for […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   I’ve been thinking about miracles lately. Mr. Webster gives three definitions of miracles. One is secular and the other two describe extraordinary events as the work of God or a “divinely natural phenomena experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law.” I especially like that definition which sounds a lot […]

Tyranny of the Minority

By Dr. Jim Ferguson I think we too often take life for granted. The poet Walt Whitman once wrote, “The world is too much with us.” I believe he was saying that we are so busy that we overlook the beauty around us. And I believe too many ignore the Creator and take liberty for […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson   I’ve been thinking about swimming lately. Not because I like to swim because I don’t. Swimming for me is not the fluid or powerful strokes of an Olympian, but struggling to avoid drowning. I remember my mother taking a station wagon load of us kids to swimming lessons one summer […]

Pollen, Viruses and Nanites

By Dr. Jim Ferguson Spring seems tantalizingly close, even though it’s cold and rainy today.  By this time of the year most of us are sick of winter, and any “backsliding” of spring is unacceptable.  We even give the cold-snaps of spring colorful names like redbud or dogwood winter.  Last year my fruit trees suffered […]


By Dr. Jim Ferguson Aches and pains are a fact of life as you get older.  I don’t remember a lot of painful conditions as a kid, even with injuries.  My brothers and I often went barefoot in those halcyon days of summer, and I remember a “stone bruise” of my heel that once hobbled […]

A Natal Star

By Dr. Jim Ferguson A new star has appeared in the heavens, and nothing will be the same for us again. Astrology is a pseudoscience which believes the orientation of heavenly bodies when we’re born determines our character and personality.  I’m a scientist and I don’t believe in astrology.  However, seeing Josie, my newborn granddaughter, […]

Corndogs & Such

By Dr. Jim Ferguson We were hungry as we rolled into our neighborhood Krystal restaurant.  Becky, the Boy and I needed a pit stop to refuel from a morning of errands which included a trip to the dump.  The lives of Grandparents seem to revolve around activities with Oakley before and after his nap-time.  And […]

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