Publisher’s Position: The Million Dollar Man and Naked Politics

By Steve Hunley I have to apologize for the headline, but the politics involved are certainly naked.  Here lately Karen Carson and Tracie Sanger, both members of the Knox County Board of Education, have been crying “politics” on the part of Law Director Richard “Bud” Armstrong.  The supposed politics is that Bud Armstrong is not […]

Moore drives miles and miles just for the smiles

By Steve Williams Dave Moore’s Christmas vacation is still on the go in January, and he’s enjoying every minute of it. So are many others who have seen Moore driving through Knoxville and the surrounding area in “the Family Truckster,” a station wagon fixed up much like the one Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) drove in […]

Vice President Harry Truman

By Ray Hill Only three men served less time in office as Vice President of the United States than Harry S. Truman. John Tyler succeeded to the presidency after thirty-one days when William Henry Harrison caught cold, which turned into pneumonia. Andrew Johnson had been vice president for forty-two days when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. […]

Community Chest, FISH help the needy

By Mike Steely “Many people with limited incomes cannot clothe their families at the prices charged by most non-profit thrift stores. Our aim is to get the needed items to people at the lowest prices while covering operating expenses,” the leaflet for the Community Chest states. The store, with locations at 1508 North Central […]

Safety Center, Crime, Coliseum are 2016 Concerns

By Mike Steely Recently The Knoxville Focus asked more than three dozen elected officials and office seekers what their main goal or concern is for 2016. Various elected officials responded to the question.   The Safety Center The most popular reply was the need for a Knox County-Knoxville Safety Center.  A Safety Center could […]

One more look at the 2015 high school football season

  By Steve Williams The 2015 high school football season on the local scene, as usual, had great team performances, big plays by individuals and a rare oddity or two. The Knoxville Focus today will give you a look at some of the season’s highlights via photography. The season started with an unusual twist on […]

Legal and Public Notices for December 28, 2015

foreclosure notices     NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE   WHEREAS, default has oc-curred in the performance of the covenants, terms and conditions of a Deed of Trust dated April 30, 2001, executed by BRENDA GASKIN-RILEY, conveying certain real property therein de-scribed to ALLEN J. WARE, as Trustee, as same appears of record in the […]

The Knoxville Focus for December 28, 2015

Knox County Commission votes ‘NO’ on McIntyre Contract By Mike Steely The Knox County Commission shot a cannon across the bow of the school board Monday afternoon, voting 9-2 against the Knox County Board of Education’s contract extention with Superintendent Jim McIntyre. So the vote by the commission, in effect, was a “no confidence” […]

11th Year for Popular Event at Fountain City Auction

By Mike Steely If you love collecting advertising items, be it large TEXACO signs or small kids’ pedal toys, you’ll want to attend the largest auction of its kind at the Fountain City Auction this Saturday, January 2. The fun begins at noon Saturday and Greg Lawson, owner of the popular auction house, says […]

Harry Truman Goes To The Senate, Part III

By Ray Hill Harry Truman’s miraculous campaign for president in 1948 has become part of American political lore.  Just about every American who can see has seen the famous picture of a beaming Truman holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune with the headline blaring “Dewey Defeats Truman.” Yet 1948 was not the most […]