Tullock Email: Crisis Regarding School Board – Request for Your Attention and Help

From: Laurens Tullock [mailto:ltullock@cornerstoneofknoxville.org] Sent: Tuesday, January 05, 2016 4:11 PM To: Jon R. Lawler (jlawler@johnsongalyon.com) <jlawler@johnsongalyon.com>;rgibson@lawlerwood.com; Phil Lawson (plawson@lhp.net) <plawson@lhp.net>; Alvin Nance <anance@lhp.net>; Ashley Capps (ashley@acentertainment.com) <ashley@acentertainment.com>; David Dewhirst (david@dewhirstproperties.com) <david@dewhirstproperties.com>; Will Haslam (Will.Haslam@pilottravelcenters.com) <Will.Haslam@pilottravelcenters.com>; Don & Carol Parnell (kvilleparnells@aol.com) <kvilleparnells@aol.com>; H. Wesley Stowers Jr. (wstowers@stowerscat.com) <wstowers@stowerscat.com>;lizstowers@gmail.com; Tim Young (tyoung@summithealthcare.com) <tyoung@summithealthcare.com>; Eddie Mannis (emannis@prestigecleanersinc.net) […]

The Cockatoo

By Rosie Moore On Christmas Eve I met a cockatoo. I really did. His name is Dusty even though he is a beautiful white bird. His lovely comb on the top of his head fluttered up and down constantly. He made a lot of noise, sometimes very loudly, and could speak a few words like, […]

School Board Members Schooled By Law Director

By Sally Absher It is going to be a long seven months and three weeks. That is how much longer certain School Board Members will have to serve who won’t be seeking re-election. These “lame duck” BOE members seem to have made it their mission to cause as much disruption during Board meetings as they […]

The Chalk Board for January 11, 2016

By Sally Absher   Special Called Board of Education Meeting – Tuesday, January 19 School Board Chairman Doug Harris has scheduled a special called meeting of the Knox County Board of Education for Tuesday, January 19 to discuss a potential resignation agreement and a possible buyout of the superintendent’s contract. The meeting will begin at […]

Snow Shadows

By Ralphine Major It has finally arrived.  The unseasonably warm temperatures made it seem like winter weather had bypassed us this year.  Now, those tropical days seem like a dream. The cold came calling a few days ago accompanied by a few snowflakes dancing around as if they were trying to find their place in […]

Losing our way

By Joe Rector The end of 2015 has come and gone; we’ve struck out on the new year, but I wonder just how much promise it holds. With just a bit of observation, some might say that this country has lost its way. That includes the country as a whole and the citizens as individuals. […]

Rivers of Life

By Dr. Jim Ferguson “Let’s start at the very beginning…” sang Julie Andrews in the The Sound of Music. Becky and I recently attended a wonderful stage production of this beautiful story. We moderns often take for granted cinematic magic. However, magic also occurs with a stage production where our imagination takes the place of […]

Looking ahead to 2016

By Alex Norman As is tradition in this column, for my last effort of the year I called my psychic for some help in terms of looking to the future.  Just what will happen on the local and national sports scene in 2016? Save this column for posterity and make sure to get rich by […]

Legal and Public Notices for January 11, 2016

NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE     STATE OF TENNESSEE, KNOX COUNTY WHEREAS, Carol Clifton and Tommy L. Clifton executed a Deed of Trust to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., Lender and Larry A. Weissman, Trustee(s), which was dated September 25, 2012 and recorded on October 2, 2012 in Instrument […]